How to use your junes in june

1. Harvest veggies in garden

Pick and carry your veggies from your garden with your Junes. The mesh allows for dirt and bugs to escape before you bring them into your home.

2. spin, baby, spin! 

One of these most inventive utilizations - rinse off fresh picked veggies in the garden then spin your junes to get rid of the water. Watch our friend John in the video above demonstrate this very resourceful task.

3. Produce shop at Farmer's Markets

Need we say more? Look chic while carrying Junes and all your fresh vegetables and fruit. See more photos of people using Junes at farmers markets.

4. Need a beach bag that doesn't trap sand?

Our favorite use for Junes - the mesh allows sand to fall out so you don't carry it into your car or house.

5. Want a gym bag that airs out, not grosses out?

Carry this tote to let your sweaty clothes / towel / shoes air out. No more musky dank.

6. Grab a pool tote that dries in a snap

Carry your wet towel or bathing suit in a Junes, allowing it to dry while it's hanging out in your bag. 

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