Portland Markets - Hollywood & Montavilla

Portland ended up being the last city I hit farmers markets. I went to two wonderful markets; Hollywood on Saturday and Montavilla on Sunday. The first image is of one of the most adorable girls, who no doubt is the reason that the character Strawberry Shortcake exists. Big thanks to the jewelry designer at Hollywood, who had some wounds on her face from a recent bike accident and totally didn't give a sh*T. And also want to call attention to the lovely couple at Montavilla (pregnant stripes and beard), whose due date was that very day - hoping it all went all and congrats!

The guy giving the peace sign is my old friend Steve, a Portland photographer, who I used to assist on a project of his, photographing people at county fairs. It was great to have him along and do some musing. Thank you, Steve. And thank you to everyone in Portland, who got a bag and beautifully poised for me. Ya'll are awesome.

Janean MannComment