Ever since her stint working in the James Beard Award-nominated kitchen at Maiya's restaurant in Marfa, Texas, Janean noted the dearth of well-designed but functional aprons on the market. She made a note in her daybook, and continued on with her work in the kitchen, her photography, a graphic design career, and writing computer code.

Her life has since taken her in a number of directions and to many new places, but these complementary loves of cooking, encoding, and the aesthetics of design meanwhile grew into all-consuming passions. Living, working, and hosting dinner parties in New York City over the last four years, while grinding away as a tech lead in a Manhattan digital ad agency, Janean succumbed to the storied influence of the city’s rich cultures of fashion and food. This spawned a desire finally to make something that will long outlast a lovely panna cotta, and even a website. The first step, naturally, was to quit her day job. On an exploratory visit to her hometown of El Paso, Janean finally found the inspiration she would need to move forward. Always something of a recreational seamstress, Janean walked over the border to see what the Juaréz fabric stores had to offer. It was here she came upon the fabrics that inspired her bags. Within a week, the designs were finalized and Junes was born.



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June Janean Mann

Photo by Isak Tiner